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Local information


Dolores is situated in the Vega Baja region of Alicante. 4 km from Almoradi and 4 km from Catral. Its excellent location gives easy access to various main towns including Torrevieja, Murcia, Alicante, Cartagena and Elche.

Dolores is just 4 metres above sea level, where its fertile land sees much fruit and produce for exportation and local sales.


Dolores was founded in 1715 by Cardinal Belluga, the Bishop of Cartagena. He was given approx. 40,000 m2 of land by the town halls of Guardamar and Orihuela to start a town. This was done with the approval of King Philipi V to establish the area for agricultural purposes, because prior to this Dolores was marsh land. On 16th August 1737, the first stone of the church was laid. In 1795 the village had only 645 inhabitants, now it boasts between 6,500 & 7,000. In 1850 Dolores comprised of just 700 houses, situated on 6 streets,3 squares, 2 schools and l church. By 1930, 200 years after Dolores was founded, it boasted 3541 inhabitants.



Good Friday is celebrated as one of the most important Fiestas on the Calendar. The Easter weekend is celebrated with many processions making this a Spectacular weekend.


The first week of this month for 4 days include a funfair, theatre and dance, fair of various tapas (more than 50 varieties), acrobats, Medieval market etc. Not to be missed.


This fiesta for the Patron Saint of Dolores was first started in 1735. It is celebrated In the third week of this month, on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. One of the most important days is when the townsfolk bring tributes of flowers for the Saint, which are placed around the door of the local church. There is also bando de la huerta which is where a town court jester relays the comings and goings of the town and its inhabitants. There is also the usual food, music, dance and processions, which accompany every fiesta in Spain.

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